Skin Factory Laser Tattoo Removal
The new web site for Las Vegas Laser Tattoo Removal specialists Skin Factory Laser Tattoo Removal was launched in September of 2009!

Big Horn Hummer Tours
Still a work in progress, Big Horn was looking for a new logo and web site transformation to provide a professional, eye-catching design to help increase sales via the Internet.

Visit the Premier Las Vegas Grand Canyon Hummer Tour web site.

Reinvent Entertainment
Las Vegas Event Planner Reinvent Entertainment needed a web site to help support their current clients and to attract new ones. The result is a database driven web site which Reinvent has complete control over. The simple interface allows the staff to make quick and easy updates saving time and money.

Visit the complete Las Vegas event management company.

Destination Marketing Group
We designed and developed the reservations system for DMG to help faciliate the purchase of tickets online for various tours and shows in Las Vegas. The reservations system is currently in use on the Las Vegas Horse Back Riding Tours web site.

Aerial Photographer Bill Miller needed a new web site to professionally protray his growing aerial and architectural photography business.

Visit the Las Vegas Aerial and Architectural Photogaphy web site.

Cariloe Concept Salon
Looking for a modern design Cariloe Concept Salon wanted a web site to support it's trendy image which mixes edgy music and exciting art.

Visit the Las Vegas Hair Salon web site.

Applied Energy Solutions
Applied Energy Solutions has been helping people save money on utility bills for 7 years in the Las Vegas and Phoenix metro areas. Color Shift, helped AES with their growing business needs by first creating a vibrant public image with their web site, and second, a reservation and call logging system to support customer service staff.

Want to lower your utility bills? Visit the Applied Energy Solutions web site.

Giles & Associates
Giles & Associates specializes in help with Social Security Disability claims. They were looking for an online presence to help expand their reach beyond the Utah borders.

Visit the Giles & Associates Disability Law web site.

Stories by Me
Stories by Me is a fast growing company dedicated to preserving your memories. With a new product coming out, SbM needed an online tool to help their customers make customized photos for various craft projects. The result is the Photo Wizard, a web based, easy-to-use tool which lets their customers create unique and meaningful gifts that will be remembered for the ages.

See the Photo Wizard in action.

Contract Programming

We also provide custom programming and other services. We've done work for the following companies, some times contracted through other firms.

  • AIA Utah
  • AIA Kansas City
  • B Squhair
  • Business Enterprises of Nevada
  • Cameo Casting
  • Ewenique Gifts
  • Expo Services
  • Get Fresh Companies
  • Kalb Construction Company
  • KGA Architecture
  • Sansone Development
  • Take 2 Interactive
  • Thomad Engineering
  • Travelocity
  • Worn But Not Forgotten